Mac OS X Maximum Security

The Mac OS X operating system was built on a core of Unix / BSD. This has many benefits and it is an inherently more secure operating system platform than many- but there are still things that owners / administrators should know in order to maximize the security of an OS X system. This book is aimed at an intermediate to advanced user-level and I would have to agree. This is too much for beginners, but everything you need to know if you have the basics down already.


Superb job of detailing the security features of the Unix / BSD core of Mac OS X Authors have decades of combined Unix / Macintosh experience to share Comprehensive and thorough- this book doesn't miss a thing


Aimed more for Mac OS X servers and networks than home users


Comprehensive and detailed coverage of important security subjects Covers topics such as implementing secure remote access for users and using firewalls and IDS Includes information on securing Airport wireless and traditional network designs Must-read for anyone implementing public-access network services like web or FTP

Guide Review - Book Review: Mac OS X Maximum Security

John Ray and William Ray, Ph.D.- authors of Mac OS X Unleashed- have put together a fantastic book for securing the Mac OS X platform. I am not a Mac user myself, and have only dabbled in Unix- but I found the coverage of the topics in the book to be thorough and comprehensive. The Mac OS X platform is inherently more secure than many other operating systems, but there are still security considerations that need to be kept in mind- especially when using the operating system as a web or FTP server or to provide other network services.

Again, I am not a Mac-user by trade, but, partially because of its Unix / BSD core, OS X brought the Mac OS into the big leagues where it has gained respect and attention as a network server platform as well. OS X 10.3, aka "Panther", was released recently and added many additional security features. But, there have also been some recent OS X vulnerability announcements that OS X users need to remain aware of.

This book seems to leave no stone un-turned. It covers the range of security topics in complete and thorough detail. It explains the security pitfalls- which your average Mac user may be unaware of having not dealt with such issues in the past- and covers the use of open-source Unix-based tools such as implementing Snort for an IDS (Intrusion Detection System).

Mac OS X represents a significant change to the power and flexibility of the Mac OS. This book should definitely be read by anyone implementing OS X as a server.
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