Magic Jack The Most Affordable Way to Make Local and Long Distance Calls Ever

Magic Jack is a digital phone system that allows you to make local and long distance phone calls to any phone in the US and Canada for free using voice over internet protocol (VoIP) through your broadband connected computer. You can also call someone in another country for free as long as they also have a magic jack connected to a broadband computer. This is great for people with relatives living in other countries or in the military. This little device can save you literally hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year on your phone bill.

The MagicJack is absolutely a phenomenal piece of hardware that delivers what it promises; free local and long distance, voice mail, call waiting and caller ID all for one low fee per year.

The Magic Jack is much like a flash drive the size of an old Zippo cigarette lighter that you plug into your USB port of your computer, it then auto-configures itself to provide VoIP over a broadband connection much like an email. The main deference is you need a broadband connation with VoIP.

With a dialup connection there is interference, low voice quality and dropped calls. Once the Magic Jack auto-configures, you then follow a few step by step configuration settings such as area code, what phone number you would like and so on - five minutes tops. You can then plug in any type analog or cordless phone and start making calls. When you pick up the receiver you hear the same dial tone you have always heard with your traditional phone service.

According to the tech industry the theoretical advantage of the Magic Jack is that you do not download any software into your computer. This allows you to take the Magic Jack with you when you travel, and where ever you can pick up a broadband internet connection, hotels and motels or even with friends or family.

You just plug your Magic Jack in to your laptop or any computer with a broadband connection and make free long distance phone calls. If you spend a lot of money calling, friends, family or make frequent business calls when you are away, then the Magic Jack will save you tons of money.

The Magic Jack is great if you have kids who want to have their own phones in their rooms. For one computer households you simply connect a wireless phone base into the Magic Jack and have multiple head sets for different rooms. These days a lot of kids have computers in their rooms. Connect a separate Magic Jack and they have their own phone and phone number.

The price for this amazing money saving device is $39.95 for the first year and $19.95 a year after that. You might ask yourself, How something that offers so much, cost so little? Dan Borislow the inventor of the Magic Jack is also the founder of YMAX Communications Corporation which has the largest competitive local exchange carrier network in the U.S.

This allows Magic Jack to have its own dedicated telephone network where other VoIP carriers have to lease this service form other companies which can drastically increase costs.

The Magic Jack can only receive calls when it is connected to a computer that is always on. If the computer hibernates or powers down then calls do not come through to the phone but will instead be transferred to a voice mail which you can listen to through your email account.

In order to keep your computer on, refer to your computers manual to adjust the power and hibernation settings. The screen savor will not interfere with the Magic Jack, only the hibernation and power downs.

Here are a couple things that you should watch for, which are not problems if you know what they are.

1 If you are having trouble hearing someone or they cant hear you, check your volume control on your computer, it may be all the way down.
2 If you lose a dial tone or the dial tone goes in and out, check the phone cord that plugs into magic jack. Sometimes cheap cords do not fit snug and causes lose of connection. Try a piece of black tape to hold it firm in the socket.

The Magic Jack is a fine piece of hardware that can save you countless amounts of money on phone service. When buying anything online that claims to have a grate deal of value for a phenomenal price, the first instinct is, too good to be true. And that is usually the case.

But for the magic jack, the value and the price are both phenomenal. I just wish they had the Magic Jack when my kids were in the house. I could have probably bought a boat with the savings.


About the Author (text)Tim Wedin has written expert articles on numerous subjects but none has made more of an impression on him then the Magic Jack. Find out what advantages Magic Jack has over some of the other VoIP phone services at,

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