All The Necessary Facts About Prepaid Cell Phones

In these modern times of communication people are becoming more and more dependant on the use of cell phones. There are literally hundreds of different plans that all offer completely unique incentives. Unfortunately it is starting to become a little too complicated for most people, therefore if you are one of these people, your best option would be to go with prepaid plan instead of a monthly contracted plan.

This article will discuss the major differences between prepaid cell phone plans and monthly plans. Prepaid Cell Phones So what exactly are prepaid cell phones and how are they beneficial. Well they are essentially this, a phone plan that you pay for when you need more credit. Basically once you run out of credit, all you have to do is go down to the local 7 eleven or anywhere that offers prepaid credit and top up your account.

The benefits of such a plan are that you aren't locked into any fixed contract so if you decide that you want to change providers you can do so without having to pay any sort of fee. When people think of prepaid, they think that it will work out to be more expensive then if you were on a plan of some sort, especially if you are someone who uses their cell phone a lot. This of course is not true as there is the option of purchasing a cap plan where you are given a certain amount of credit for the price you pay, however you will only have one month to use the credit. Basically you get about 5 times as much credit as what you paid for.

So if you paid $50, you should get around $250 worth of calls, depending on the service provider. Monthly Plans The next choice you have to make is whether or not you are best going with a plan or not. Basically the advantage of going with a plan is that you will normally get a free phone when you sign the contract. Prepaid phones require you to purchase your own phone and we all know how expensive they can be! Therefore if you want to get a good phone that is worth a few hundred dollars, you are more than likely going to get it for free on a plan, if not free then for a lot cheaper. So in summary you need to make the choice of whether having a good phone is important to you and if it is you are better off going with monthly plan, if not then you can buy yourself a cheap phone and get yourself a prepaid sim card and in the end you are going to save a little more money and have the added bonus of not being locked into a contract.

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