Free Software Economy and excitement

It seems like the cost of everything is increasing these days. Fuel, food, entertainment and housing are all suffering from escalating price markers. However, there is way to cut back on the price of your computer software. You can actually find software designed by individuals and by companies on the internet at no cost to you. You may find 'free' hard to believe, but it is nonetheless true.

Free software can be obtained for many of the common tasks that you do on your computer every day. You may wonder why there would be such a thing as freeware available. Everyone knows that designing, producing and marketing any product requires a large investment of capital before it can be considered successful, right? Well, the fact is that many individuals design software and other products as well, just to prove it can be done, or to prove that there is a better way to do something. Software that is designed just for fun may be serious programming, or it may be games that are in response to a trivial comment or challenge. Some of the software is good and useful, other programming efforts are less than successful.

Even the poor renditions may spark the idea of someone else so that it can be improved, upgraded and made profitable. Freeware is also made available by companies to test the reception to a new software product they have developed. Regardless of the amount of in house testing and beta testing, nothing gives quite as much information about how the product will work in the hands of the general public as to place it there at no charge. So, a software company may make a special offer to site visitors that they can download free software from the business site to use either for a temporary time, or they may just give the software away. The software may be given just for the purpose of obtaining a mailing list for future company products and services.

Freeware can be exciting to the recipient. Who knows when the free software that you received through a sharing site or through the company might be the wave of the future in programming. You would have the enjoyment of having one of the first copies available of the million dollar programming edition. Even if the software was developed to help in a very specific niche market, it would be helpful to you if you are a part of that market.

When you accept free software, you are sometimes asked to report on your experiences using the software. This may take the form of written reports, surveys, or just recommendations and tips about how the product could be improved in the future. With freeware, there is no guarantee that your suggestions will be followed, but at least you will have the satisfaction of knowing that the comments have been received and considered. Even if the software has an expiration date so that you are only able to try it out for a brief period, it may be something you will like well enough to purchase the expanded version when it is available.

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