Basic Mechanism Of Freezer Compressor

The entire process of refrigeration has a whole lot to do with the freezer compressor. If the compressor goes wrong the refrigerator will lose its freezing capacity. The basic mechanism behind the cooling process is very simple. It is actually evaporation of a liquid substance that in turn helps in absorbing the heated air. The entire process begins in the freezer compressor.

Precisely the refrigerator is made up of the freezer compressor, the pipes as heat exchanging unit both from inside and outside, the refrigerant and the expansion valve. If you ought to understand the working mechanism of the freezer compressor, you need to know about the refrigerant first. The refrigerant is primarily the liquid which undergoes evaporation for cooling the temperature inside the refrigerator. Pure ammonia is one form of refrigerant which needs just 32 degrees Celsius to evaporate. What exactly happens inside the freezer compressor to initiate and sustain the process of refrigeration? - Initially the refrigerant is in the gaseous state and the compressor exerts pressure on it.

Simultaneously the pressure of the refrigerant gas increases along with its temperature. Now it is the turn of the heat exchanging pipe attached in the outside position that helps in the transmission of heat under the pressurized condition of the refrigerant. - Once the first level of the transfer of heat is complete the refrigerant gas condenses to liquid.

The refrigerant liquid makes its path through the expansion valve inside the refrigerator. - Throughout this mechanism of changing of the state of the refrigerant starting from the freezer compressor, one thing can be interestingly noted. Initially the color of the refrigerant gas in the freezer compressor is orange. This is exactly when the compression begins.

After that as it transforms into liquid from the compressor to the expansion valve, the color also changes to purple. The third change takes place in the final process of evaporation. - The route followed by the refrigerant from the compressor begins at a high pressure region.

But ultimately down the line it reaches to a low pressure area in the liquid purple state. This is exactly behind the door of the refrigerator where the low pressure allows the liquid refrigerant to evaporate. The process starts with the expansion of the liquid and ends in evaporation.

- With the evaporation of the refrigerant liquid, the gaseous state now becomes light blue in color very unlikely from the freezer compressor's state of gas. This light blue color refrigerant absorbs the inside heat and through its cooling effect fills up the vacuum created. - The inner heat exchange pipes or coils allow the heated gas to pass out. The refrigerator thus gets cool from inside. As this mechanism repeats over time starting from the action of the freezer compressor, the refrigerator remains cold till it is on.

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