Cell Phone History

Cell Phones Cell phones have had a longer history then the radio. Back in 1920, the cell phones started and the radios weren't used until 1921. Of course, some of the features of the cell phone were utilized as far back as the 1940s. Those radios were used by the police.

In 1947 the idea of the cellular phone was developed as a mobile car phone. The concept of the cellular phone was produced by Bell Laboratories (also known as AT&T Bell) they introduced the cells for mobile phone stations. A device that converts light energy into electrical energy was developed by Russell Ohl. When trying to eavesdrop on the conversation there was a buzzing hornet sound and because of this the prototype was called Green Hornet.

A long history of Motorola making automotive radio as two-way radios for taxicabs and police is amazing. In 1973 the actual cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper and other assisting inventors of Motorola. The "radio telephone system" is what it was called In April 3, 1973, Cooper was the first person to make a call on a portable cell phone on to the amazement of the people walking on a New York City street. That first call was made on the first Motorola DynaTAC prototype to the head of research, Joel Engel, of the AT&T Bell Lab. This caused the technology and communications market to shift away from the place and toward the person.

Cooper's vision for personal wireless communications was born. In 1978, Bell Labs introduced the first commercial cellular network in Chicago using AMPS (Advanced Mobile Phone System). This was an analog mobile phone system.

It became the primary analog mobile phone system in North America and is still widely available today, although it's used much less since the introduction of various digital standards. In 1984 cell phones made its presence to the public but they were very expensive and huge. AT&T and Bell Towers work with the FCC to build towers. There was little power from the towers and they covered a "cell" which covered a few miles in radius.

The towers were able to transfer calls from one tower to another. Today worldwide the GPS cell phone is being known. Ray Sabo -

The background of the cell phone is amazing. They have progressed so far that there is a prepay mobile phone today.

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