Choosing Based on Metal Detector Prices

Almost everywhere you go, you can find metal detectors at work. These devices are not exclusive to mining and big establishments; they are also present in hobbies such as prospecting and treasure hunting. Because of their various uses, they can cost a lot. The following is a list of common features based on metal detector prices: Under $90 Some metal detectors range from $5 to $40.

Various common features of metal detectors under $90 are the following: - Usually comes with one-year warranty - Provides two to three audio pitches - Other models produce different sounds for different types of metal - Operates on two 9-V batteries - Has waterproof coil to prevent damage from rough terrain, snow, and rain - Has sensitivity meter, built-in speaker, and headphone jack - Discrimination mode rejects iron and trash - Detects small objects five to seven inches deep and larger objects three feet deep Between $90 - $240 Metal detectors in this price range have more features compared to the cheaper devices. - Usually comes with five-year warranty - Three levels of iron discrimination - Interchangeable waterproof search coil - Detects small objects six to eight inches deep and larger objects three feet deep - Comes with touch pad selection - Automatic ground balance and automatic tuning Between $240 - $570 Metal detectors in this price range have more advanced features for comfortable and easy use. - 24-segment notch discrimination - 9-segment digital target identification - Digital depth indicator and touch pad - Displays target ID/depth readout - Most include carry pouch and digger - Rugged construction with battery-pack hip-mount option - Up to 4-level iron discrimination - Variable notch and auto notch modes Between $570 - $1000 Metal detectors in this price range are built for professionals and users who make use of more advanced features. - Volume control and speaker - Surface mount PC board technology - Iron rejection in various frequencies - Digital signal processor - Depth measurement - Adjustable tone ID and graphic target analyzer Over $1000 Metal detector prices that reach over $1000 are those that are commonly used in big establishments or professional level uses. These metal detectors can be used anywhere in any situation. - Submersible to up to 200 feet - Rechargeable system for house and auto - Operates on NiMH rechargeable batteries - Comes with a carry case and high-end headphones - 9.

5 to 12.5-inch imaging search coil Metal detectors should not be judged based on price alone. If you know how to properly use and maintain the metal detector, it can last long, regardless of how much it was bought for.

The metal detector prices are determined by the brand, model, and its features. Instead of focusing on the brand, look at the features. List down the features you will need so when it comes to choosing a metal detector, you will not end up buying one that has too many features that you will not need.

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