Everyone Has A Cell Phone Dont You

In the United States the likelihood of someone owning a cell phone seems as high as someone owning shoes. All economic classes, all types of workforces and all ages of people appear to have a cell phone. If you have no cell phone you probably feel like the only one. Rest assured, this is not the case, but also it is likely that you can buy one.

Three things are require for cell phone use: the phone, activation fee and a service plan. Often the phone or activation fee comes free or at a much discounted price with the purchase of a new plan. Thus the first step is to decide what kind of plan you need. What can you afford to pay? What type of payment plan will work best for you? How often will you be using your phone? The lowest budget option may be a pay as you go plan. This pre paid service is very easy to start and anyone can be successfully accepted as a user. This service is like a phone card service.

Phone cards are available and start at $10 and increase by gradual increments. The phone and activation is generally a package purchase of less than $60. The package price will depend on the type of phone you are buying. A phone that does more will of course cost more. Once you have the phone and card you are ready to be a cellular phone user.

The second type of cell phone service is a monthly plan. These plans include a set amount of minutes for use each month and may include features such as caller ID or voice mail. Depending on the phone's capabilities, other services can be added to the plan for extra monthly costs. For example, text messaging, Internet access, instant messaging or extra minutes can be added. Remember each of these additions add to your basic plan each month. If you stay with the same company, the company may offer these types of upgrades for free or as a deal closer when you first purchase the plan.

Plans with the least minutes and least features will be the least expensive. However, the cost of extra minutes once you are over your monthly limit is often greater than the next service package option. Realistically assess how often you will use your phone before selecting a plan. Consider where most of your calls will be going. Most plans today include long distance coverage.

Some of the lower costing plans may provide local service only. Many cell phone companies have detailed service area maps in their office or online. Try asking around and see what other users have to say about the coverage service. Before signing a contract, look and ask for any hidden or extra fees. Find out how much minutes are after you've passed your monthly limit, or how much text messages are to send and receive.

Almost all contracts have an early cancellation charge. Find out how long the contract is for and what the cancellation fee is. This fee is often quite substantial. If you stay simple and understand (and avoid) extra fees a cell phone service can be affordable for most everyone.

Gregg Hall is an author living in Navarre Beach, Florida. Find more about this as well as a cell phone plans at

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