How To Properly Refill Your Ink Cartridge

Due to the running cost of inkjet printers. Many people are starting to look for cheaper alternatives and one of the options includes the use of ink refill kits. However, what many bargain shoppers may not realize is that refilling your ink cartridge is not as easy as it seems.

Here are a few insider tips to help you out! Is Your Cartridge Suitable To Refill? Many people think that as long as their cartridge is empty. They can refill it with new ink and it will just work like a charm. However, if your cartridge has been left empty for too long.

It’s as good as dead because the ink inside the sponge will dry up and injecting new ink into it will no longer work. Choosing The Right Refill Kit To Start With! There are many universal ink refill kits being sold on the market and many of them claims that you can refill different cartridges with just 1 single kit. While this may be true a few years ago, many cartridges nowadays are designed differently, so using universal kits may no longer work for your particular cartridge model.

Therefore, please check with your supplier to ensure you’re getting the right refill kit to start with. Using The Right Tools! Your refill kit should include all the tools and instructions to help making the refilling process as easy as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that there are no works involved.

To start, always make sure you have at least the following tools and accessories ready. 1) Newspaper 2) Plastic Cap 3) Knife 4) Screw Tool 5) Plastic Plug 6) Tissue The very first thing you should do is cover the area, where the refilling process will take place with old newspaper. This will ensure you are not making too much mess in case things go wrong.

Next, you should use the plastic cap to seal the ink outlet (The bottom of the cartridge). Once that's done, you will need to use a knife to cut a tiny hole on the sticker label where the ball plug is. Then, you will need to use the screw tool to slowly screw into the ball plug. Once you feel that it’s tight enough, you will need to use some force to pull the ball plug out. Now, you should see a hole on the top of your cartridge where you can start injecting new ink into the empty chamber.

Depending on your refill kit, your ink bottle should come with a syringe so that you can transfer the ink with ease. Do Not Refill Your Cartridge Too Full! This is an area where most ink refillers mess up. Regardless of what your refill kit says, you should NEVER refill your empty cartridge to the max. Normally, a little bit over 3/4 is perfect! Next, use some tissues to wipe out any ink that may spill out of the hole and then use a pen or something similar to hold the cartridge so that it sits perfectly straight with the ink outlet on the bottom. Wait about 5 minutes for the ink to flow into the sponge and then use the plastic plug to block the hole.

Make sure that it is air tight and that no ink will come out even if your turn the cartridge upside down. That's it! Once you're ready to print, simply take the plastic cap off (bottom), wipe out any excessive ink and your inkjet cartridge should now be ready to use again! Happy Printing!.

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