LCD Projector What You Should Know Before Buying One

An LCD projector is typically used for presenting material to large groups of people. It displays images onto a small screen much in the same way that an ordinary projector does. A major difference between an LCD projector and an ordinary projector is the fact that an LCD projector can display movies. The light panels on ordinary projectors are not needed in an LCD projector. This is because these projectors carry their own light source.

LCD stands for liquid crystal display and they're created by sandwiching liquid crystal material between plates of glass. Older LCD projectors lacked the technology to show moving images effectively. This is due to the fact that newer ones have a thin film transistor, or TFT, that allows for images to be refreshed at a rate that makes it possible to show movies. So, with modern LCD projectors, you are not limited to showing only still images. With old projectors, you had to physically place a page of printed projector film onto the projector to be able to see an image.

With an LCD projector, the image information is digitized. A cord that runs from an adjacent computer to the LCD projector transmits the image or movie data that's to be displayed onto the screen. This is much more efficient and convenient than the old way. There are numerous other advantages to having a computer as the source of the images. You could easily navigate the web as your audience watched or you could demonstrate a particular computer skill with ease to a whole classroom full of people. Indeed, the benefits that come from using a computer as an image source are endless.

There are some important factors when it comes to choosing an LCD projector that's right for you or your company. First, it should be said that LCD projectors don't come cheap and buying one should be considered an investment. Second, when you go out to buy a projector, it's wise to take with you information about the computer that you'll be using it with, as computers need to meet minimum system requirements to be able to operate the software that the projector needs in order to work correctly. You should know exactly what applications you'll be using your projector for. If it's primarily for still images and business use, it may not be necessary to get one that boasts the highest resolution available.

If, however, you'll be using it to watch movies most of the time, it may be wise to spend a few extra dollars in order to get the best quality image you can. Since these projectors are so expensive, don't purchase one without having a salesperson demonstrate it for you. If you're not satisfied with the ease of use or clarity of the image a particular model can offer you, simply move on and test the next model.

An LCD projector is better than an ordinary projector in so more ways than what's possible to list here. Already, due to increased demand, the price of these projectors is starting to come down. In every application where an ordinary projector is used, an LCD projector could do the job more efficiently and give more of a visual impact. Summary: In every application where an ordinary projector is used, an LCD projector could do the job more efficiently and give more of a visual impact. However, there are some important factors when you need to consider before choosing an LCD projector that's right for you or your company.

Brooke Hayles
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