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Suede is a term used to describe leather with a napped finish. Suede leather is made from the under skin of animals like lambs, goats, pigs and deer. Since suede does not include the tough exterior animal skin layer, it has a lower durability but it is softer than standard leather. Due to its properties, Suede finds application in clothing and delicate uses.

Suede leather is popular in shoes and upholstery, bags and other accessories. It is also used as a lining material for leather products. The disadvantage of suede is that due to its textured nature and presence of open pores on its surface, it becomes dirty very quickly and may be spoilt if it gets wet.

Modern techniques have evolved to make Suede stain-proof and waterproof. Is there any difference between leather and suede? Which is a better and more comfortable fabric? Which one has a better appearance? We will try to answer these questions here. Suede and leather actually refer to the same basic material, but the name is applied according to the qualities.

Suede is much softer than leather in texture. Some people thus prefer it over leather. The overall appearance of suede is also more appealing than leather. Because of its s softness and gentleness, suede is less durable than full grain leather.

Suede is easily affected by water and other liquid, inclement weather, and other mishaps. Leather, on the other hand, is easy to protect and to clean. When price is taken into consideration, it is found that suede is more expensive than leather. The price differences occur due to suede having a finer appearance and due to the additional time spent to create suede.

When it comes to suede and leather, therefore, it is essentially the same material that is being referred to. The differences in additional production are what account for the different physical characteristics. Micro-suede is a new micro fiber knit blend fabric which is fast becoming popular. It is made from very fine micro-fibers which are about a hundred times finer than the average human hair.

Micro-fibers used, are finer than even silk fibers. These micro-fibers are tightly woven to create a very high quality fabric. The density of the fibers in the fabric provides many desired characteristics that make this ideal for use in making comforter sets. Micro-suede is also used by furniture manufacturers for their couches and sofas.

Customers are ready to pay higher premium for increased comfort which micro-suede cushions and chairs provide. Moreover, when compared to normal suede, micro-suede is easier to clean, and is water resistant. This makes them very good for upholstery. Furniture manufacturers also claim that microsuede is stain resistant and indestructible.

This claim has been heavily refuted by users. Its soft finish and increased stretch makes micro-suede easily distinguishable from normal suede. Common uses of micro-suede are in accessories and shoes.

Micro-suede has a lesser durability than suede. Micro-suede as a fabric is gaining popularity among manufacturers due to its properties like softness, stain and resistance and pliability.

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