New MOTO Cell Phones StartacIII and M

Motorola has announced that they will be releasing two new handsets, the StartacIII and the M900. The release of the new models confirms Motorola's voracious appetite to get more handsets into the market. The StartacIII is a remodeled classic. The original Startac put Motorola on the map in 1996, when it was released as the world's smallest and lightest model. It was also the first significant flip-style model in the world. It weighed just 3.

1 ounces. Interestingly, you can still buy the original model on eBay. The StartacIII borrows from the original's aesthetic features, sporting a dark black outer casing. The new model sports silver streamlining that makes it look almost like a Razr-Startac hybrid. Interestingly, the model doesn't have an outer screen.

Motorola has included some creative lighting on the outer shell that allows users to see if they have missed calls and text messages. The model also offers a scratch resistant screen and outer case. Original Startac users will love the distinctive Startac chime, a nice touch by Motorola will which surely have somewhat of a nostalgic effect. The model also sports a fully functional mP3 player, which has become a must-have. The model also comes equipped with a 2.

0-inch, high definition TFT QVGA LCD screen. Motorola has been using similar technology for their handset for a few years; TFT is widely considered to be the best screen technology available. It appears that the StartacIII will be released first in Korea. The release date will be sometime in March. For now, Motorola will keep the model out of the U.S.

; surely a few handsets will be sent over and sold here. The M900 is also a new handset from Motorola. The model was built to be a mobile, cellular solution for homeland security and other emergency and federal service groups. The phone will be used by local, state, and federal government agencies. The model was designed with easy to install vehicle interfaces, making it possible to use during critical missions and in high stress environments.

The model also boasts 2-watt frequency amplification, which makes the model function in very limited service areas. The M900 also has advanced voice activation technology and functions. This enables the user to easily dial when touching the handset isn't possible. The phone sports first of its kind ability to voice dial using numbers only. The model also is equipped with hands-free audio quality for a clearer pickup, better background-noise suppression and echo cancellation. It is highly unlikely that the M900 will be released as a mainstream handset.

Its capabilities and functions don't at all line up with was most consumers are looking for at this time. With these latest models, Motorola continues to meet the needs of different consumer groups.

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