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In front of a bedazzled New York crowd, Mr. Cooper made history in 1973 when he initiated the very first cell phone call to a rival at AT&T. Working for Motorola, Mr. Cooper launched an event that would become the corner stone of today's society. Not much later, in 1990, the customer base of the cell phone industry had already grown to a staggering one million members following the introduction of a second generation 16 ounce cell phone, seven years earlier.

This was then! Today, there are more cell phone subscribers than land phone subscribers and cell phones weigh in at around 3 ounces and less. From Dad to Mom, to our teenagers, families throughout the world have embraced this new technology and it is now not uncommon to see our younger kids (less than 10 years old) receive their own cell phones! But with the advantages of the cell phone, come into place a whole range of risks as the use of cell phones and chat lines on the internet have combined to place our kids at risk from predators who will try to talk to them by phone with a view to see them in person! Reading through the daily press, it is not uncommon to read stories of kids who have been the victims of online predators and parents throughout the world are understandably worried. Of course every steps should be taken to prevent kids from being contacted in the first place, but once you realize your kid is indeed spending time talking to an adult on his/her cell phone, now is a very little window of opportunity to actually do something about it. The bad news is that cell phone records are not public information and as such, it is extremely difficult to obtain the name and address of the unauthorized person who is actually calling our kids.

What can we do then? It is possible to trace back the name and address of anyone who calls a cell phone by doing a reverse cell phone search and even though this is not a free service, at $14.95, it is unlikely to break the bank.

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