Samsung Cell Phones A Stunning Winner In Blackjack

Samsung cell phones have its roots deeply imbedded in Korea. The word Samsung means three stars in Korean. The business was started in 1938.

In their humble beginnings they sold fruit, vegetables and candy machines. Over the years they have become well known for their cell phones. If you own a Samsung handset, you own a quality instrument. Currently the cell phone industry is a larger than life industry. It has contributed a staggering $92 billion to the US coffers. It is a mega monster industry.

Be that as it may, with the cell phone you can still record a family video at Disneyland and beam it to grandma over in Boise, Idaho. Mobile phones have emerged as a versatile and user friendly component of life today. Consider their sexy smart phone the Blackjack. It was introduced to the public on November 2006. The Blackjack will go head to head with Verizons Motorola Q and T Mobiles Dash.

It comes out of the Cingular Wireless stable and will sport the Windows Mobile Smart Phone Edition. This strong competitor comes stacked with music subscription services and desktop video. The music subscription service of Yahoo, Music Unlimited, Napster, and the recently launched Cingular Music Store are all compatable with Blackjack. In addition, it has great stereo sound and can handle Bluetooth. Blackjack has a user friendly feel and checks in as thin as the Q.

For the guys, when you pull this puppy out the girls ask questions. This smart phone is backed up by Cingulars cutting egde 3G Network, as well as EDGE. These networks are GSM based.

Unlike the Q, Blackjack can go international. This smart phone carries under its hood high speed 3G internet access. Not only does it surf the net fast, it also has fast download speed; something the Dash does not have. Again, this can be performed home and as well as overseas.

The Cingular HSDPA network has the unique ability to dance a two step. It can do data and voice at the same time. Verizon Wireless has the EVDO network and they can only dance one step at a time. They cannot do both. Do you listen to radio? This is the smart phone for you. It sports a built in XM radio component that will allow you to access ten XM channels.

It is also compatible with Cingulars video streaming service. As if this is not enough, consider the user friendly QWERTY keyboard, email, and messenger programs. Not only can the Blackjack handle your serious business needs, you will have loads of fun operating this top class smart phone.

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