Take Your Digital Camera Along For A Photo Safari

Are you a shutterbug? Do you love to take photos everywhere you go? Pictures are important because they preserve memories for us that we would not otherwise have. It can be a fun hobby as well as a rewarding profession; in fact most professional photographers begin as hobbyists. When I go to new places I love taking my digital camera along with me to record the trip. This serves a multitude of purposes for me not the least of which is proof that I was actually there in the first place which really comes in handy if you are at a place where some newsworthy event happens. There are many companies that actually specialize in Photo safaris or tours.

If you want to tour Vegas or the Grand Canyon you can give Adventure Photo Tours a try. They will take you to places like the Grand Canyon, Area 51, Red Rock Canyon and even the Ghost Towns. Be sure to bring an extra memory card or two for your camera because you will want to take every picture your digital camera will hold! These impressive gifts from Mother Nature are definitely worth all of the time that you can spend there.

For those who love the outdoors there are many other adventure photo safaris you can take including hiking, wildlife adventures, and even African photo safaris! Your photo trips can take you to fascinating and exotic places all over the world. If you like to hike I highly recommend going to the Acadia National Forest in Maine in the early fall when the leaves are changing. It is breathtakingly beautiful and well worth your time and effort. You can take photos of sleepy little fishing villages with lobster boats as well with hillsides of exploding colors behind them. It is a great adventure to go to foreign countries and take pictures of all the unique subjects you will find there. From ancient and beautiful architecture to the landscapes and the indigenous animals there you will get a lot of joy from the photos you shoot.

If you take the time to get close to the locals you will be able to take picture of them and bring back some local culture with you. These photos will be priceless memories of your trip in the years to come. Going on photo tours and safaris is one of the most exciting things you can do with your digital camera and I urge you to not be timid and get out there and find a photo safari that suits you.

Gregg Hall is an author and internet marketing consultant living in Navarre Florida. Find more about digital cameras and digital camera accessories at

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