The st Century Cell Phone

Cell phone is undoubtedly the most happening gadget of the 21st century. If the ancient man could not do without food, air and water, the modern man cannot think of doing without a cell phone. Cell phones are an absolute must, even when you are attending a meeting and keeping it turned off. The basic thing is we all are now so used to cell phones that they have become like a part of us. But one might wonder , what makes them so important, almost like a basic necessity, especially since only about 20-25 years back the concept of cell phones was not even there?! Well the answer is simple. Luxury has spoilt us all.

And not to forget the big brands that do not let us get out of our habit and instead keep making us more and more greedy with latest developments and features. With the price falling and the need to stay connected becoming more and more important for the present generation cell phones have become a way of life. Now who cares whether the deprecation value is probably more than 50 % for each year of its use, or if the cell phones keep getting lost every now and then? Purchasing cell pone today is quite an easy task, that is, if you know what exactly you want. However, it is generally suggested that you buy cell phones manufactured by reputed brands that provide you good after sale service, preferably form authorized stores. Purchasing cell phones through internet sites is also not a bad idea, though in such cases you need to be extremely careful. Duplicate cell phones have always been a problem, and what is as worse is getting a cell phone the parts of which have been replaced or exchanged with the duplicate ones.

A new cell phone with an old battery is one of the examples. Initially cell phones were developed solely for the army where the need to stay in touch with each other was a big necessity. Cell phones initially were huge in size and the voice quality was bad, and additional features were none. However, in less than a span of few years, after they became popular among armies all over the world and the technology developed and the satellite network improved, new cell phone companies started coming up to change the scenario of the present times.

In less than 2 years they were replacing land line phones, and were becoming important in business houses, and anybody who could afford reasonable luxuries of life was looking forward to buying it. In another few years or so cell phones were not just a luxury and need of the business houses and armies, they were the most important gadgets, probably even more popular than the computer. Today cell phones are much smaller in size and have all the features that one could think of having in an electronic gadget. With the fast growing technology, it has now managed to catch up with the best of digital cameras and video capturing devices. And as if that was not enough it has managed to catch up with the I-pod as well.

The Bluetooth and infrared options are a dream for those who like to keep changing and updating their stuff on the phones, while internet related services are the biggest blessing for the computer addicts. Businessmen now cannot think of a phone that does not allow them to use ms-word and excel sheets, and additional memory cards can be seen to be stocked in dozens in every house where there is human inhabitation. Cell phones are surely one of the most `in` things today!.

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